An in-person workshop for Qualified Counsellors & Therapists

Exploring the ideas and theories of eco-therapy

This workshop provides you with a baseline understanding of the theory behind eco-therapy. It makes a clear distinction between eco-therapy and ‘therapy outdoors’, examining the attitudes and philosophical foundations of this increasingly popular way of working.

Workshop Content

This introductory workshop provides you with a broad tour of eco-therapeutic theory using the lens of counselling practice to provide context. It has been designed to create a bassline understanding and acts as an excellent launching point into further training for those interested in specialising.

Defining eco-therapy

What is eco-therapy? How broad an approach is it and what are some of the ways that eco-therapy can manifest?

Exploring the centrisms

Eco-therapy differs in its philosophical stance compared to other therapies. We will explore what these differences are and why they are significant.

Theoretical foundations

What makes eco-therapy ‘eco-therapy’?

We will outline some core theoretical beliefs and consider the evidence.


There will be an opportunity for discussing ‘next steps’ and you will be signposted toward further training, resources and eco-therapeutic supervisors.


Fees for this workshop are:

£30 per person payable in advance.

Fees include tea/coffee/squash and a CPD certificate.

Note: we supply plant-based milks, however, you are welcome to bring dairy milk along if you prefer.

dates and location

Next date:

Location: Sandgate, Kent